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cloud city
the motherlode

the motherlode

Episode 00
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 253.000
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 00-0/Demo

00-0, entitled the motherlode, is the first level in Episode 00, the first level in the 00s column, and the first level overall.




  • There are no enemies.


00-0 speed edited

Speedrun Route

Method 1 (Speed)[]

When the game starts, move the falling ninja onto the launchpad. Walljump off the left wall, executing a "launchpad high jump." Keep pressing right and execute a jump on the lower-right side of the bounceblock. This jump is voluntary, but the run is faster with it. Land on the lower of the two one-way platforms. Press left a little bit, enough to slow down enough to jump vertically upwards. To enter the E-shaped passage you could either land on top of the semicircle section and jump upwards, or corner kick the point of the semicircular tile, for speed. Run through the E-shaped passage, moving left or right as necessary. When you reach the end of the passage jump and after a short while let go off the jump key while still pressing right. Land on the tile formation on the right side of the bounceblock, press left and fall off the section passing to the left of the one-way. You should press right again after you pass the one way falling towards the exit. The fastest ever run with this method is 345 frames by Kool-aid. The demo can be found here.

00-0 highscore

Highscore Route

Method 2 (Highscore)[]

When you start, press left to land on the launchpad. Walljump continuously off the left wall to go for the gold. Alternatively, one can also aim for the bottom left corner and press jump as one hits the launchpad. This result in an extremely high launch called the "super jump". Jump around at the top, getting all the gold. Wallslide on the bounceblock and the large tile formation under the bounceblock, so that you slow down just enough to survive the fall. Go right and jump over the small hill, collecting all the gold. Continue right along the floor, collecting the 6 gold pieces there. Jump into the top right corner of the alcove, getting the last few pieces of gold as you return to the ground along the right hand wall. Do a reverse curve jump off the platform with the exit , followed by a double jump off the curve along the right hand wall above you. Jump off the slope of the tile block with the upward-facing launchpad, followed by a walljump off the rightmost of the semi-circular structures near the top of the map. This is one of the hardest parts, and you must get the jump nearly at the top of the semi-circle. Head right to the area with 9 gold, and collect it all. A good jump will get you far enough to do a walljump off the right side, but even if you don't that's ok. Go back left to the semicircular structures and collect two gold pieces from each of them. Then jump over the rounded block (this is a matter of positioning), or, if needed, jump onto it, collecting the two gold pieces. Then go into the tunnel and weave through, running out through the bottom and opening the exit. Keep running right, jumping just after you get the exit switch. Hold the jump while going full speed to the right until you hit the three gold on top of the trapezoid tile formation on the right. Run off to the right and onto the platform with four pieces of gold, landing just far enough to grab the rightmost gold. Run off the left of the platform, dropping straight down onto the exit. This method, if done correctly, should yield a score of 248-249 by a newbie, and over 250 by an experienced player. The fastest ever legitimate run also used this method, albeit with the triple jump from Method 3, yielding a score of 253.000 by EddyMataGallos which even beat the suspected cheater naem, although a player known as Donald_J_Trump has a run 0.050 faster, but their legitimacy has been called into question, as none of their runs have been submitted on NRealityRaif's MBD is the fastest run ever recorded using any method and any route and it uses the "alternative method" (See method 3) with a score of 254.400.

00-0 highscore underclock

Alternative Highscore Route

Method 3 (Alternative Highscore Method)[]

This method is almost same as the one described above (although this one is slightly faster but harder). The main difference is the start. You have to position yourself just right, so that as you fall at the very beginning you will land almost exactly in the corner (between the wall and the launchpad). You don't want to be in the extreme corner, but just a little bit to the right; but still close enough so you can just hit the jump key and it will launch you off the wall. You hit the pad and jump immediately afterwards, and hold right. You'll be propelled pretty strongly to the right. Walljump off the wall section underneath the bounceblock (do the jump near the bottom of the wall), hold left, and jump again right as you pass under the bounceblock on the lower-left side on your ascent. If you pull it off right you'll get a Bounce Block Backwards Wall Jump and get a load of speed. This start is faster by about 7 frames or possibly more. A triple jump can also be executed on the curve next to the right wall. This allows you to get as high as the semicircle without having to jump on the slope, saving you some time. These two tricks are extremely difficult when put together with the rest of the run, and it is extremely unlikely that someone will pull off a run with this method in real-time. Finally, the best highscore run ever for 'the motherlode' of any construction is an MBD created by Mohamedraif yielding the astonishing time of 254.400. (See userlevels demo data below. Triple-click to select all.)


Method 4 (NEHS)[]

This level is simple. (It's the first one, after all.) Jump around and get all the gold, then go through the upper corridor and activate the terminal, passing through the one-way wall. Then simply move down the platforms, being careful not to die from gravity, then land on the exit.

Level Data[]

$the motherlode#Metanet#00-0#9000000000000000000000080000000000000000000000111111<0000000000000000111111100003111LH000000119696100001110FJLH000011087010000111000FJ10001=01101000011100000500?900:=01000021500000000C000000100000000000000?1000000=00000000000000C1000;<0000003140000000110001100000011100000001100011000000111000000011000:=0000001110000000210000000000021100000000200000<0000002100000000000000=0000000100000000000000000000001000000;<00000<000040001000000:=00000=0000100050000000000000000005000000000000000000000000000000000;<00000<0000000000000001100000=0000000000040001100000000000000000100011000000000000400001000:=00004000000310000500000000010000021100000000000400100000000000000;<0001001000000000000001100010014000000000000711807|5^60,516!11^588,492,168,156!7^180,156,0!7^300,228,3!7^324,228,3!7^348,228,3!7^252,252,3!7^228,252,3!7^228,396,3!7^252,396,3!7^540,372,3!7^564,372,3!7^708,372,3!7^732,372,3!1^588,228!1^408,264!1^384,492!1^480,444!1^300,444!1^84,252!0^36,48!0^60,48!0^48,48!0^48,36!0^36,60!0^36,72!0^36,84!0^36,96!0^36,108!0^48,60!0^48,72!0^48,84!0^48,96!0^48,108!0^60,108!0^60,96!0^60,84!0^60,72!0^60,60!0^60,120!0^60,132!0^60,144!0^60,156!0^48,156!0^36,156!0^36,144!0^36,132!0^36,120!0^48,120!0^48,132!0^48,144!0^156,84!0^144,84!0^132,96!0^144,108!0^156,120!0^144,132!0^132,144!0^144,156!0^168,84!0^180,84!0^300,84!0^324,84!0^396,132!0^420,132!0^468,108!0^492,108!0^564,108!0^588,108!0^660,84!0^684,84!0^708,84!0^732,84!0^756,84!0^744,72!0^720,72!0^696,72!0^672,72!0^468,228!0^492,228!0^516,228!0^588,396!0^612,396!0^636,396!0^660,396!2^636,288,0,-1!2^36,576,0,-1!2^204,300,0.707106781186547,-0.707106781186547!0^276,516!0^300,516!0^324,516!0^132,564!0^156,564!0^180,552!0^204,540!0^228,528!0^252,516!0^396,564!0^444,564!0^492,564!0^540,564!0^588,564!0^636,564!0^684,564!0^732,564!0^756,564!0^756,540!0^744,552!0^744,528!0^732,540!0^720,552!0^708,564!0^756,516!0^756,444!0^732,444!0^756,420#