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cloud city

cloud city

Episode 00
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 136.900
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 00-1/Demo

00-2, entitled cloud city, is the second level in Episode 00, the second level in the 00s column, and the second level overall.




  • There are no enemies in this level.


00-1 (easy)

An easy route for the completion of this level

Method 1 (Safe & Easy)[]

Run to the right to grab all the gold, before jumping up between the two cloud-shaped structures to grab more gold. Walljump all the way up, jump on the bounceblocks and into the cave with a switch and activate it. Exit the cave, ignore the black-colored switch, and drop into the area with a normal blue switch (minding gravity). Activate it, exit the area, drop to the ground floor, and run all the way right again and jump to the exit.

00-1 (speed)

Speedrun Route

Method 2 (Speedrun)[]

Start this way off immediately with a jump to the bounceblock above you. Jump off its left side up to the rightmost bump of the cloud formation against the left wall. Take a small hop up to the flat area where the single piece of gold is below the locked door, and then jump to the curve that connects to the left wall. Jump off that curve, followed by another walljump immediately after. You will need one more jump off the wall to the black exit switch up top. You will pass right next to the bounceblock as you aim to graze the left edge of the switch to avoid triggering the trap door underneath it. The faster way, but also much harder, is to jump off the left side of the bounceblock to get extra speed up to the ceiling. After you get the switch, drop down the left wall, moving slightly to the right. You will want to land and immediately jump off of the curve just left of where the single piece of gold was when you started the level. Your jump will take you to the middle cloud formation with the open door. Now just run to the right through the opened doorway, and drop to the exit. The fastest run with this method is 322 frames by Kool-Aid. His demo can be found in the link underneath the level thumbnail at the top of the page.

00-1 (hs)

Highscore Route

Method 3 (Highscore)[]

This route starts out similarly to the Method 1, in that you stay along the floor gathering the row of gold on the floor. Then hop up onto the lower left section of the big cloud structure, getting all 3 gold pieces. Jump left to the structure with the left exit in the middle of it. Get the two pieces of gold on its right side, then jump up to the bounceblock above and to your right. You need to get a decent horizontal speed into the bounceblock in order to perform one of the tricks known as the "double bounceblock jump". From there, go to the top left cloud, getting the solitary gold on its right side. Jump over the top of it and get the other single gold. Now go for the black exit switch, and try to just graze the side of it. If you succeed, it should have opened the door in the center of the level while not activating the trap door, which would otherwise prevent entry into that door. Drop and get the pair of gold, fall left onto the leftmost cloud, and move right towards the exit. Make sure you grab the single gold on the left side of this formation before finishing. It is important to note that this method does skip the piece of gold at the top right portion of the level. The fastest-ever time achieved with this method was at one point 135.975 by xaelar, and his demo can be found in the link underneath the level thumbnail. The 0th as of 21 January 2023 stands at 136.900, held by EddyMataGallos.

Method 4 (NEHS)[]

Aim: Flip open the switch in the top cloud, then activate the terminal in the tight space you opened, and head to the exit.

How to do it: This level is also quite simple. It's also a place where you'll have to start mastering jumping of all forms, as well as wallsliding. Otherwise, gravity might decide to kill you.

Anyway, accomplishing the level is quite easy once you get the hang of wall-climbing and jumping. It is a crucial skill you will need to master to survive later episodes.

Level Data[]

$cloud city#Metanet#00-1#000000000000:9006110000000000000000008071=000000000000;<0000:1110000000000000110000011=000000000000;1100000:=00000000000;111100000000000000000;1196100000000000000000119001000000000000000001=0001000000;<00000000010007100000;1100000000;100;1=00000111<0000000:907110000001111000000000011=0000001961000000000011000000010010000000000:=00000;0:00100000000000000000:80001000000000000000000:807=000000000000000000011100000000000000000000:11000000000000000000000:=0000000000000000000000000;<00000000000000000000;110000000000000000000;111000000000000000000011110000000000000000000111100000000000000000;111110000000000000000;11111100000;11111111111119611000;1111111111111110011000:11111111111111=00:=000000000000000000000000|5^108,564!1^612,132!1^516,132!1^420,132!1^180,492!1^540,300!1^60,84!11^708,492,36,396!0^444,372!0^132,180!0^108,204!0^288,84!0^360,156!0^108,372!0^228,396!0^660,372!0^636,396!0^684,108!0^540,468!0^492,396!9^204,204,0,0,1,14,1,0,0!11^372,444,60,60!9^60,60,0,1,15,15,0,-1,0!0^228,576!0^240,576!0^252,576!0^264,576!0^276,576!0^288,576!0^300,576!0^312,576!0^324,576!0^336,576!0^348,576!0^360,576!0^372,576!0^384,576!0^396,576!0^408,576!0^420,576!0^432,576!0^444,576!0^456,576#