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Episode 00
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 102.450
Fastest Player vankusss
Demo 00-4/Demo

00-4, entitled lockness, is the fifth and last level in Episode 00, the fifth level in the 00s column, and the fifth level overall.





Method 1

Don't activate any of the switches above you or you will have to resort to very cunning methods to complete the level (or you could just selfkill). Get the pieces of gold on top of you, and to the right of the switches. Jump onto the "steps", and repeat. For the last jump, you need to hold down your jump button because it's a tad higher than the others. Get the doorswitch and run to the exit.

Method 2 (Highscore)

00-4 highscore

Same thing as method 1, but you corner jump off the third lock, to propel yourself all the way up to the exit platform while taking the third and fourth gold. You need to make your jump off of the second locked door is a shallow jump with decent horizontal speed. This is obviously faster since you skip a jump from the method above, but it is very easy to miss the third gold and end up with a timing two seconds slower than usual. The best legitimate score ever achieved with this method as of 8 November 2012, is 102.450 by vankusss.

Method 3 (Speedrun)

00-4 speedrun

This is surprisingly a different route than it is for highscore, considering how simple the level design is. There are also two slightly different routes, one of which is faster, and harder to achieve, than the other. The easier, slower route starts with you running along the floor, jumping onto the first locked door. From there, jump to the left edge of the second locked door and perform a corner jump off it. You have to jump really high off of that door to get to the upper platform. This route uses the red dots for jumps.

The second, faster method starts the same way as the first. This time, you need to perform a shallow corner jump up to the third locked door, whereupon you do another corner jump off of it to the upper platform. This route uses all yellow dots for jumps. The fastest run with this method is 164 frames by Kool-Aid.

Method 4 (NEHS)

This is your first test on your jumping. You'll need to jump on top of the grates accurately to get to the upper ledge.

Don't activate any of the switches at the beginning, because they open the doors you need to jump on. Also, make sure you jump over the zap drone, or it will zap you, killing you. Many levels from this point forward will contain at least one zap drone. Activate the terminal, and exit the level.

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