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Episode 01
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 93.900
Fastest Player Kool-Aid
Demo 01-0/Demo

01-0, entitled cavern, is the first level of Episode 01, the sixth level in the 00 column, and the sixth level overall.





Method 1 Edit

You start near the door. You may choose to use the bounceblocks to jump into the cave and take the 4 pieces of gold, or you may do it on the return trip. Either way, get to the lauchpad towards the left of the map, launch yourself into the upper area, grab the gold and exit switch, avoiding the zap drone. Get back down, careful of mines and gravity, and head for the exit, mindful of the other zap drone.

01-0 highscore

Highscore Route

Method 2 (highscore)Edit

From a start near the door, you run left and jump to the first step, over top of the mine. Immediately jump over the next two mines, onto the third step. After this, there are two slightly different methods to reach the top of the level. The easier way is to jump from the third step to the slope just below the launchpad. Take another jump to the next slope up, followed by a quick double jump off that slope and the vertical wall. Make your way over the horizontal row of mines to the first slope on the right that you can land on. Jump from there to the next slope up, and then to the top of the level.

The second way is harder, but slightly faster. From the third step, you must do a double perpendicular jump off the first of the three closely spaced slopes. The perpendicular jump, if performed correctly, will launch you upwards, whereupon you can walljump off the vertical wall to the right. Take that walljump up a couple slopes, and then to the top of the level, as in the other route.

Once you reach the top of the level, run across the floor, and just drop off the ledge, over top of the mines at the bottom. Run along this lower floor until you reach the first slope on the right side. Double jump off the slope to the top right corner and grab the exit key. During the walljump, the seeker drone must track you, or you will run into it in the next second or so. Without walljumping, drop to the top step, and aim to just clip the corner of it, and skip your way down to the middle step. This should let you collect all 3 gold pieces left in that corner. Jump to the higher platform to your left, either from the middle step or the floor, it doesn't really matter. Depending on how the seeker drone tracked, you may have to be careful as you drop off the left side of this platform. As you drop, aim for the slope just above the launchpad. Jump off this slope to get the single piece of gold almost directly to your right, hanging from the ceiling. After the gold, drop to the lowest slope available, and jump off of it to the bounceblocks underneath the 4 remaining gold. Jump off the left bounceblock to the slope, and jump from that slope to gather all the gold. Drop onto the right bounceblock after collecting the gold, and run off of it and to the exit.

Method 3 (NEHS)Edit

This level contains the first navigationally upgraded zap drone in the game. Be very careful around it. Try to use its tracking for your advantage, making it zoom right out of your area. This will help in later episodes.

Anyway, it is easier to get up to the terminal than back to the exit. Jump over all the mines to the launchpad. Launch yourself to the forehead. Wall climbing the wall on the "forehead" of the face-like formation of the cavern will help you on your way to the top. Jump over the mines, then avoid the guided zap drone and get to the terminal. On your way back down, wallslide as much as you can on the forehead to slow yourself down. Then leap over the mines individually and into the exit.

Level DataEdit


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