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like happy little puppies


Episode 01
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 199.200
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 01-1/Demo

01-1, entitled like happy little puppies, is the second level in Episode 01, the seventh level in the 00 column, and the seventh level overall.





Method 1

Wallclimb up the wall to your immediate left, and get into the pit with all the gold and stuff. Take gold as you wish, but make sure you activate the doorswitch. Get down, mindful of the floorguard (which should not bother you as you are in very open space with plenty of jumping room). Take anymore gold as you wish, and head for the opened exit. This level is very easy and very difficult to screw up.

Method 2 (highscore)

Wallclimb up the wall in 3 jumps, and with the 3rd jump enter the pit with the 3 columns of gold. As you fall into the pit, position yourself to grab ALL the gold in the leftmost and center column. Wallclimb up using the tiles under the doorswitch, getting the remaining coins in the rightmost column, and activate the doorswitch. Jump towards the right, and fall to grab all the coins. You can either move to the left before hitting the ground (harder to time but faster), or simply perform a quick wallhang. Either way, walljump back up, out of the pit, and onto the platform. Run right, fall on the floor, and into the bottom left corner coin area. Get the coins, drop, run right and hit the exit, mindful to grab every last coin.

Method 3 (NEHS)

This level is a good introduction to the floor-chaser "puppies". Practice manipulating them by jumping on the floor, this skill is crucial in later puzzles.

Once you get past the puppies, this is actually no harder than the Episode 0 levels. It is very easy to get to the terminal, and there is plenty of gold to snatch. Wallclimb up the left wall and walljump to the terminal. Head back down and drop onto the bounceblock. Head to the right wall of the level and wallclimb up to the exit hallway. Jump and walljump, then run to the exit.

Level Data

$like happy little puppies#Metanet#01-1#00000000000000100000000000000000000001000000000000000000000010000000000000000000000111<000000000000000000010010000000111111111<0010010000000000000000100100100000000000000001001001000000000000000010010010000000000;11111100111=00000000001000001001000000000000010000010010000000000000:1111110010000000000000000000100:111111000000000000010000000000011111111111=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000;11111111111<0000000000100000000000100000000001000000000001000;10000010000000000010001000000100000000000100010000001000000000001000100000010000;11<0001000100000010000100100010001000000100001001000100010000001000010010001000:10000010000100100010000000000100001001000000000000001000010010000000000|5^36,348!11^756,228,300,132!7^108,132,1!7^108,228,1!7^108,324,1!7^132,276,3!7^132,204,3!4^660,114,1!4^108,570,1!1^252,516!1^108,516!0^372,276!0^372,252!0^372,228!0^372,204!0^372,180!0^372,156!0^180,276!0^204,276!0^228,276!0^228,252!0^204,252!0^180,252!0^180,228!0^204,228!0^228,228!0^228,204!0^204,204!0^180,204!0^180,180!0^204,180!0^228,180!0^228,156!0^204,156!0^180,156!0^372,132!0^372,108!0^372,84!0^372,60!0^372,36!0^36,396!0^60,396!0^84,396!0^84,420!0^84,444!0^60,444!0^36,444!0^36,420!0^60,420!0^276,396!0^300,396!0^324,396!0^324,420!0^300,420!0^276,420!0^276,444!0^300,444!0^324,444!0^756,564!0^756,540!0^756,516!0^756,492!0^756,468!0^756,444!0^756,420!0^708,396!0^684,396!0^660,396!0^636,396!0^612,396!0^588,396!0^564,396!0^540,396!0^516,396!0^492,396!0^492,372!0^492,348!0^684,228!0^660,228!0^636,228!1^444,492!1^396,444#

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