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little dipper


Episode 01
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 140.375
Fastest Player Kool-aid
Demo 01-2/Demo

01-2, entitled little dipper, is the third level in Episode 01, the eighth level in the 00 column, and the eighth level overall.





Method 1

Get over the tall hump to the right and jump to the first one-way platform. Run off it to the left, and aim yourself to land on the fourth platform. Now fall on the curved hump and run all the way across the small hills to get the switch. Run back the the right, and walljump between the far right wall and the curved hump that you fell onto earlier. Jump up the platforms one by one, then jump in the ditch and get to the exit.

Method 2 (highscore)

From the start, walljump off the bounceblocks, and fall down without hitting any of the one-way platforms. Perform a falling corner jump off the first oval shape with the one goldpiece Then jump onto the next, collecting the goldpiece, and do the same for the third. After collecting the gold on the fourth one, fall and collect the terminal. Then run right, collecting all the gold and jumping when required. After collecting all the gold in the last one, triple-jump off the rounded edge and walljump to the top. Then just get to the exit.

Method 3 (NEHS)

The good news is that you are dealing with unguided zap drones. The bad news is that you've got four to keep track of. This level isn't too difficult if you remember all the skills from the Ninja help page. Jump up onto the top of the dipper, then jump to the left wall. Wallslide down, then get to the terminal. Get all the gold in the little dips, then jump and walljump to the first one-way wall. Jump repeatedly, and take the one-way stairs back up to the dipper, then exit the level.

Level Data

$little dipper#Metanet#01-2#000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000;<000000;<000000000000;1111111111<00000000000:1111111111=00000000000000000006110000000;000000000000011000000010000000000007110000000:00000000000;111<000000000000000000:111=0;1<000000000;<00000:=00:1=000000000110000000000000000000001100000000000000;0000001100000000000000:0000001100000000000000000000011000000000;11<0000000011800000000:11=000000001111<0000000000000000001111100000000000;000000:111100000000000:0000000006100000000000000000000001000000;11<0000000000001000000:11=00000000000010000000000000000000000100000000000;0000000007100000000000:000000;1111000000000000000000:111=000000;111<000000000000000000:111=000000000000000000000000000;<00000000000000000;|5^600,252!1^336,504!1^480,504!1^624,504!2^36,576,0,-1!2^180,336,0,-1!0^264,420!0^408,420!0^552,420!0^696,420!0^732,564!0^720,564!0^708,564!0^696,564!0^684,564!0^672,564!0^660,564!0^588,564!0^576,564!0^564,564!0^552,564!0^540,564!0^528,564!0^516,564!0^444,564!0^432,564!0^420,564!0^408,564!0^396,564!0^372,564!0^384,564!0^300,564!0^288,564!0^276,564!0^264,564!0^252,564!0^240,564!0^228,564!11^540,252,192,540!1^576,204!1^336,336!7^744,432,3!7^744,384,3!7^744,336,3!7^744,288,3!7^744,240,3!7^744,192,3!6^36,60,4,0,0,1!6^660,468,5,0,0,3!6^588,324,4,0,0,2!6^372,132,5,0,0,0#

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