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Episode 05
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 194.475
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 05-0/Demo


Method 1 (Completion)Edit

Here we go, the beginning of what is thought by some to be the hardest episode in the 0 column. The first part of the run is illustrated in RED, the second part in BLUE, and switches --> their corresponding locked doors are color-coded.

Follow the red path, going under the first group of mines and moving to the right of the level, taking any gold you wish. Drop all the way down, but avoid the mines at the right wall. At the bottom, take care to wallhang or use the slope to prevent an early and sad death.


Completion Route

Continue on, still without opposition, and grab the first switch. Now jump up the left, taking care to avoid the mines (use the tiles on the right on your jumps instead of what my carelessly drawn diagram says), and enter the danger area. Your target is the area marked "A", so get there. Now, for this switch, you have to trigger the thwump first because there is no way you can make it in and out without dying otherwise. Trigger it, and enter as it slowly makes its way back up. Get the hell out of there, and follow the blue path, getting the last switch. You now have a clear path to the doorswitch, finally! Get that.

Now, simply work your way back. There will now be 2 seeker drones on the prowl in the interior of the complex, but they can be avoided with some quick thinking and good movement. Trace your way back, avoiding any drones. Now, for the problem: the climb up the right wall.

5-0 right

Completion Route

The key here is speed. If you slow down and lose momentum, you will have problems. Wait till the drone is comfortably out of your way, and proceed according to the jump diagram and you should have no problems. Now, that's everything done away with, run down the final stretch, grab some gold if you haven't already, and take care not to die after going through all that!

You will save yourself a lot of frustration later on if you practice the right wall a few times before you start working your way through the rest of the level.

Method 2Edit

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Level DataEdit

$trench run#Metanet#05-0#00100000000000000000000001000003114000000000000010000011110000011100000111140100101111101000000000101001010000010000000101010010101111100000000010100111010000000000011501000000100000000000100010000001111114000001000111400000001110000010000001000000011500000100000010000000100000001000000100000001000003110000001000000010000010000000021400011100000111111100001000100000000000001000010001100000000000010000100001110000000111100001001000100000001100000010010101100000011000000000100001000000010000000001111110000000100000000010010000003115031111400100210000011000100001001000100000110001010010010101000001100010000100000021003111011500101111110010010000100000021111100100211115000000000002115000000000000000000000000|5^48,48!11^84,60,108,468!8^708,84,1!12^180,288!12^108,288!12^144,252!12^768,228!12^708,348!12^768,348!12^168,492!12^216,444!9^132,468,1,1,19,19,0,0,-1!9^132,444,1,1,27,19,0,0,-1!9^132,420,0,1,28,13,0,0,0!9^132,396,0,1,26,10,0,0,0!9^132,372,1,1,7,5,0,0,-1!9^144,276,0,0,6,15,1,-1,0!9^180,432,0,0,28,6,1,-1,0!9^708,156,0,0,7,15,1,0,0!6^132,132,0,0,0,3!6^636,300,1,0,0,0!6^684,276,0,0,0,0!6^516,468,1,1,0,3!6^636,492,0,1,0,2!12^204,84!12^204,48!12^444,156!12^684,60!12^324,228!12^492,288!12^540,372!12^300,420!12^300,348!12^60,396!12^60,348!0^108,324!0^120,324!0^132,324!0^144,324!0^156,324!0^372,108!0^372,132!0^372,120!0^708,492!0^708,516!0^684,516!0^684,492!0^696,504!0^684,504!0^696,492!0^708,504!0^696,516!0^348,468!0^336,468!0^324,468!0^312,468!0^300,468!0^288,468!0^276,468!0^264,468!0^252,468!0^264,456!0^288,456!0^312,456!0^336,456!0^324,444!0^300,444!0^276,444!0^564,156!0^540,156!0^660,84!0^636,84!0^612,84!0^444,204!0^420,204!0^432,204!0^432,192!0^444,192!0^420,192!0^420,180!0^432,180!0^444,180!0^468,396!0^480,396!0^492,396!0^504,396!0^516,396!0^528,396!0^540,396!0^552,396!0^576,396!0^564,396!0^588,396!0^600,396!0^624,396!0^612,396!0^636,396!0^204,480!0^204,492!0^204,504!0^204,516!0^204,528!0^216,540!0^228,552!0^84,204!0^96,204!0^108,204!0^120,204!0^132,204!0^144,204!0^156,204!0^168,204!0^180,204!0^192,204!0^204,204!0^216,204!0^228,204!0^240,204!0^252,204#

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