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Episode 05
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 124.350
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 05-3/Demo

Walkthroughs Edit

Method 1 (Easy) Edit

This level is a sort of a maze, where you have to dodge the zap drones while running around grabbing gold and the terminal (almost like Pacman - hence the name). There are several routes possible through the level; the following is a slower one which should be easy to execute.

Note that if you fall off, the launchpads prevent you from getting back up, so you must suicide ('K' by default).

From the beginning, drop to the left, and follow the drone entering the middle tunnel up to the point where you grab the switch. From here, you can try to run out and dash all the way to the left (it is possible, but it’s a tight squeeze), or you can go the easy way and run back out into the open right space. If you choose the latter, dodge the drone coming up into the space, and wait for the two drones to enter the tunnel where you just got the switch. Then dash all the way to the left and enter to grab another switch. Then, get the terminal: you can bait the thwump, or you can carefully wallslide right above the terminal, then jump and your feet should just touch the terminal without any risk by the thwump. Hurry back to your starting point area, and wait for the next zap drone to emerge and leave. Then drop in, and race the thwump to the door.

05-3c The following image(s) put everything into one slide:


Method 2 (Aries's Easy Way) Edit

This level is actually quite easy once you know what to do, since all of the drones are on set routes and don't change track. So I'll just give you step by step instructions. The picture attached has color coded routes which I tried to make as clear as possible, but it's hard, so I'll tell you in my route explanation where each color starts and stops.

(BLUE) Ok, so to start the level, hold left until you run/fall into a little area with three pieces of gold. Wait for the drone to come and drop into the passage immediately left of your position. Then grab the switch the drone passes over and (RED) get back to that area where the three gold pieces were. Another drone should be coming through that area so jump over him when he does.

Once you dodge that drone and two drones go down into the same passage where you got the switch, jump over that and grab the 5 pieces of gold and another switch. (GREEN) A drone should go downwards into a passage right in front of you. Follow it and grab the door switch, but watch out for the thwump. You have to jump quickly or you'll be killed.

If you jumped back on the ledge after getting the switch, just run right and come up to the top part again where the 5 gold pieces were at. Just wait for the drones to clear (one should drop into a passage in front of you and one will be hanging around the door if you do this with the timing I would expect), and you should be able to walk to the goal. The thwump facing the door isn't nearly fast enough to catch you, so don't be worried about running straight to the goal.


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