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industrial zone
artifact 2


Episode 06
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 173.775
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 06-0/Demo


Method 1 (Easy, all gold)

Despite 2 laser drones and gauss turrets, this is actually a simple level if you keep moving and don't stop. Run right, and slow down at the end of the top, and then drop straight down past the guided zap drone. Hit the bottom of the level, collecting 6 pieces of gold; jump and grab the exit switch; then collect the remaining 6 pieces of gold. The rest of the gold is optional but strongly encouraged because it is so easy to get.

Walljump up to the leftmost platform, collecting 3 pieces of gold, then on top of the platform above the gauss turret, picking up 3 more pieces, then jump to the center and get the stash there. Exit out to the right side, claiming the remaining gold, then walljump upwards. If the zap drone is coming, dodge it by jumping onto the top part, then get up to the door. 06-0a

Method 2 (highscore)

Jump off the right side, hit the terminal, then perform a slanted jump off the right side of the leftmost hill. Get all of the gold, jump over the laser drone, get all of the gold in the center, and then walljump back up to the top.

Level Data

$artifact 2#Metanet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|5^396,36!0^384,324!0^384,336!0^384,348!0^384,360!0^384,372!0^384,384!0^384,396!0^396,396!0^408,396!0^408,384!0^408,372!0^408,360!0^408,348!0^408,336!0^408,324!0^396,336!0^396,348!0^396,360!0^396,372!0^396,384!3^228,384!3^564,384!6^396,444,0,0,1,2!11^696,84,396,516!6^36,540,4,1,0,3!6^756,540,4,1,0,3!6^468,252,0,0,1,0!0^564,312!0^564,300!0^564,288!0^228,288!0^228,300!0^228,312!0^300,252!0^312,252!0^324,252!0^492,252!0^468,252!0^480,252!0^708,420!0^696,420!0^684,420!0^84,420!0^96,420!0^108,420!0^252,564!0^276,564!0^264,564!0^264,552!0^252,552!0^276,552!0^516,564!0^528,564!0^540,564!0^540,552!0^528,552!0^516,552#

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