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the gauntlet

the gauntlet

Episode 06
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 98.125
Fastest Player macrohenry
Demo 06-4/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

This level is fairly simple, as most of the time you are either running left/right.

On the bottom level, leap past the floorguard, and ride the thwump to the second level. Run past the gauss turrets and the thwumps on the second level, also hitting the terminal. Stop right after the third thwump to let the rocket launcher see you. When the rocket is half-way to you, run to the launchpad (if you go too early the rocket will hit you). Another way to do this is do not stop, but jump on the launchpad, then walljump away from the mines, on the top level. Jump past the second floorguard, and run on top of the bounceblock and jump to the door. Alternatively, get the stash of gold at the end. Congratulations on unlocking episode 07.

Method 2 (Highscore)

It is possible to kick off the thwump in this level in order to get a very good score. This is illustrated very well by veteran player Ben_Schultz_11 (AKA ska) whose ex-0th score for this particular level was nominated for the 2008 Dronies "run of the year". Another part of this level which is difficult to time is the wall jump on the left wall. Jump as close to the launchpad as possible without hitting it and time each jump so you jump as soon as you hit the wall, not only will this save time, but it will ensure you get the top left piece of gold. A fractionally faster, although much harder method is to actually use the launchpad, but clip the above tile as demonstrated by current 0th holder, macrohenry.

Good Luck!

Level Data

$the gauntlet#Metanet#06-4#00000000000000001100000000000000000000011000000000000000000000110000000000000000000001100000000000004000000011000000000000010000000110000000000000100000001100000000000001000000011000000000000010000000110000000000000100000001500000000000001000000010000000000000010000000100000000000000100000001000000000000001000000010000000000000010000000100000000000000100000001000000000000001000000010000000000000010000000100000000000000100000001000000000000001000000010000000000000010000000100000000000000100000001000000000000001000000010000000000000010000000100000000000000100000001000000000000001000000010000000000400010000000500000000001000100000000000000000010001000000000000000000100010000000000000000001000100000000000000|5^47.6846448661045,500.259948983262!0^756,564!0^756,540!0^732,564!0^492,468!0^444,468!0^396,468!0^732,180!0^708,156!0^708,204!0^732,204!0^684,204!0^756,204!0^156,132!0^204,132!0^252,132!12^36,156!12^36,180!8^756,252,1!8^252,252,1!8^204,252,1!8^156,252,1!3^564,252!3^444,252!3^324,252!2^36,408,0,-1!11^756,108,396,348!4^276,210,1!1^564,156!10^36,132!4^252,570,1#