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Episode 08
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 186.950
Fastest Player Ben_Schultz_11
Demo 08-1/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

The name suggests that thinking ahead is a good step, though it is somewhat of an exaggeration. Fall off to the left, and then leap into the chaingun drone room. Take shelter underneath the blocks as you run to the left side of the room. Wait for the chainguns to reach the bottom, and then jump out while hitting the switch. After this room, drop down and lure the floorguard to the right side, then walljump up the right wall (the chainguns can be annoying). Jump off to the left to the huge stash of gold. Get it all, then get past the floorguard to the topleft in a similar manner (though much easier) in 05-4; drop down the right entrance to lure it and then rush in through the left entrance. Drop all the way to the bottom, and then run quickly to the left to hit the switch. Since you lured the floorguard before, it should not hit you as you run across back to the left. Get the gold in the corridor there, though beware that the last piece has a hidden trapdoor that will force you to perform suicide. Go up, quickly make your way past the topleft floorguard, and then move to the middle floorguard.

Here, simply drop down the middle hole, and then jump over the floorguard as it moves all the way to the right. Do the same thing for the next floorguard, and then you will Insert non-formatted text herefall into the terminal room. A guided zap drone protects it; lure it from its position, and then hit the terminal. Drop down the oneway platform and then run right as fast as possible to outrun the floorguard. Walljump up the right (mindful of the approaching zap drone) and the level is over.


Method 2 (Highscore)

Level Data

$plan plan plan#Metanet#08-1#0000000010000000000000000000000104000000031140000000001010311140111100000000000101000101001000000000O01010H010100100000000010101010101001000000000101010I01010010000000001010100010100100000000000101040101001000000000O0501010101001000000000100010101110010000000002111501021500100000000000000010000000000000000003140111111110000000000011101000000100000000000101010;00<01000000000000010101001010000000000000101000000100000000000001011000011000000000000010100000010000000000000101010010100000000000111010:00=0100000000000000010000001000000000000011110000110000OOO00000000000000210000P0N0000000000000001000000N00000000000000010000P0N00000000000000010000QQQ000000000000000100000000000000000000001000000000000000000000000|5^624,60!9^516,564,1,0,27,4,1,0,-1!9^228,564,1,0,13,12,1,0,-1!9^408,468,1,0,13,12,1,0,0!11^660,144,120,516!6^204,492,0,1,0,0!4^156,258,1!4^228,354,1!4^276,402,1!4^348,570,1!6^372,396,2,0,2,0!0^252,444!0^240,444!0^228,444!0^216,444!0^204,444!0^192,444!0^180,444!0^168,444!0^156,444!0^144,444!0^132,444!0^120,444!0^108,444!9^252,444,0,1,4,18,0,-1,0!2^588,312,0,-1!1^492,240!1^684,456!6^564,396,3,0,2,2!7^276,564,0!7^324,540,1!0^204,204!0^192,204!0^180,204!0^168,204!0^156,204!0^144,204!0^396,300!0^408,300!0^420,300!0^432,300!0^444,300!0^456,300!0^468,300!0^480,300!0^492,300!0^504,300!0^516,300!0^516,288!0^504,288!0^492,288!0^480,288!0^456,288!0^468,288!0^444,288!0^432,288!0^420,288!0^420,276!0^432,276!0^444,276!0^456,276!0^468,276!0^480,276!0^492,276!0^504,276!0^516,276!0^684,432!0^684,420!0^684,408!0^492,216!0^492,204!0^492,192!0^264,300!0^240,300!0^216,300!0^192,300!0^168,300!0^144,300!0^120,300!0^252,300!0^228,300!0^204,300!0^180,300!0^168,300!0^156,300!0^132,300!0^276,300#

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