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Episode 09
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
Fastest Time 158.725
Fastest Player Ben_Schultz_11
Demo 09-1/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

This level features two laser drones which can become quite frustrating. If you try to hit the terminal first you will notice that you will have become trapped; it is actually possible to avoid this using Method 3 below.

Drop down, jump above the zap drones, and enter the complex. The right laser drone will fire at you, but it should be easy to avoid by jumping. Jump into the right half, and grab the switch (the left laser drone may start firing at you). Exit and wallclimb up the right side; then wait a bit on the top corridor. The drones will be revolving around the structure, so wait until the left laser drone exits its half. At this point, simply walk left and drop into the left half. Both drones will fire at you and miss. Grab the switch, then drop down past the mines to grab the other two switches. From here, make it to the right side to get another switch. Wait for the right drone to pass, then wallclimb up the right side again back to the top corridor. The left drone should be passing again; fall into the left half again and make it to the switches on the very left side. As soon as you spring them, jump back out, as hidden trapdoors have caused the zap drones to exit its normal territory and enter the complex.

Jump back into the left half, then up to the top corridor, wary of the two zap drones (hurry though and don't fall behind them, because otherwise the drones will close off the exit switch from your reach). Grab the gold and the terminal, then exit through the unlocked door and beat the level.


Method 2 (Highscore)

Written by ska (0th holder as of 17 September 2012)

Obviously, to get on the highscore list, you don't need to unlock any of the locked doors other than exit terminal, of course.

Simply run off the left side after a 2 or 3 frames delay, and I find timing the wall-jump so it's just before the ground will result in the closest call with the zap drone while entering the bottom chamber. The secret here is to manipulate the laser drones. Ideally, for optimal speed, you want to double jump off the 45° slope and set off both laser drones. This will make things easier later when using my route which differs from the lower runs such as trib4lmaniac's old 0th route where he elects to get the gold by the door switches first. After wall-jumping and alternating off the walls, get the gold in the top right as in my run, before running back left where the toughest and most precise part of the run occurs. Near the exit switch, I find getting the piece of gold on the right of the exit switch without getting the exit switch yet and falling down a little is easiest. Remember, there is a trap switch hidden underneath the exit switch which makes this route impossible if the trap is activated. As you descend from the right piece of gold, clasp against the wall for a lower, and more precise jump as in my run; grazing the bottom of the exit switch without setting off the trap and clipping the left piece of gold. The rest of the route is pretty straightforward, assuming you activated both of the laser drones earlier as advised. Hop down onto the right side, get the 2 pieces and quickly get out and back to the left pieces of gold. Typically, you have to wait for the laser drone before escaping down the bottom, however this is not necessary if you can beat the laser drones, and would improve on my time, except this is very difficult to pull off, especially considering the extreme amount of precision which has already been required in this level. Try and jumping off the corner is ideal like in my run, but not necessary for a highscore. The rest of the level is quite straightforward - simply wall-jump off the far-right side, then the wall on the left and back to the right, 'chimney-jump' quickly up to the exit.

Method 3 (NEHS)

This level is less hectic than the last one, but it is still quite difficult. From the start, drop down to the left, fall, and wall-slide. Get into the complex, minding the zap drones. Now, once you're in the middle, jump, and wall-jump up the shaft. Get some gold, then head to the left, being careful of the two laser drones. Snatch the gold. Now, here's where it's possible to exploit a bug. When you activate the terminal, two trapdoors will activate, sealing you inside the complex. However, the trapdoor triggers are slightly smaller than the terminal, so it is possible to activate the terminal and not the trapdoors. However, it's very hard to do. If you accomplish it, though, you can just drop down through the shaft again and run out to the right, climbing to the exit.

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