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Episode 09
Creator Metanet Software
N version All, except v2.0 or later
Fastest Time 123.475
Fastest Player Ben_Schultz_11
Demo 09-2/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

You can utilize the glitch that you can walljump through the one-way walls to escape the traps in the middle of the level.

To complete this level you must somehow disable the gauss turret and the missile launcher. Otherwise you'll be killed by the gauss if you try to go up, or the missile launcher if you go left.

First move you make is you run directly left and bounce off of the launchpad into the box that seems impossible to get out of, but if you press jump at the right time you can manage to pop yourself right out of the box just as you get stuck in it. This can take some trial/error, but once you get it you'll know how easy it is. You need to get it so you go left and onto the diamond to the upper-leftish side of the box. Continue to hop past the diamonds (hitting the lock on your way) until you've made it to that little balcony beneath the balcony where the rocket launcher is. Do what you can to dodge the missile and blow it up, once you're under there the beginning-part rush is over with.

Alright, now slide down the little place to the right and hit the launchpad, holding right as you do so you can hit the box and jump off of that so you get onto the topmost balcony and hit the other lock, quickly fall down to the balcony below for refuge, avoiding the rocket launcher if it's still following you. Now slide down to the bottom (carefully, mind you, I've died countless times from falling straight down, remember if you slide on the triangular shaped blocks, no matter how high you are, you won't die from falling. This is the map that finally taught me this.) Waltz through the once-locked doors on the left and don't think twice before hopping up on the wall to the left, slide down close enough to touch the finishing lock but not down enough to touch the ground (as the bot will kill you). Then hop off the wall and just dash your way to the wall on the far right, and bounce your way up!

Congratulations, you officially beat Episode 9, Level 2.


Method 2 (Aries's Easy Way)

This is kind of an odd level for me to do an easy way for, since there isn't much I can really tell you about, except how to get to the switches and that sometimes you just need to try until you get it. I'll give a few ways to get to the switch in the upper left hand corner and then how to get to the door.

Getting up to the switch in the upper left hand corner is kind of tricky, but there are two general ways to do it that I think are easiest. First, you can hop over the jump pad that you should start right next to and make your way up to the jump pad that is located directly underneath the switch in the upper left. Depending on your skill level, you can do this a few ways, and I will illustrate one with a diagram. Once you get up to the jump pad, you need to slide down the slope onto the jump pad, so you hit it coming from the upper left, and then hold right to send yourself into the bounceblock. The side that you hit the jump pad from makes all the difference here, because the idea is to wallslide the bounceblock and hop up on top of it, and then jump to the switch. You'll have to dodge the rocket, but if you do everything smoothly and figure out the timing, it's really not too hard. This is the way I did this level when I didn't have much skill.

The other way to get to the switch is up the right hand wall. This isn't too hard to do if you walljump up, then jump to the door and let the gauss lose sight of you, then walljump back up to the point where you can run and jump to the bounceblock and then to the switch. Dodging the rocket takes a little skill, and it varies depending on how quickly you do this whole part, so I can't really say much else.

So grab the other switch some time along the way and grab the terminal switch, which may require you to lure the floorguard over by standing on the incline next to the floor, depending on how skilled/fast you are. Anyway, once you get the switch, there are two "easy" ways to get to the door.

The first way is to get over to the right side of the level again and make it to where you can jump up to the lower right most diamond shaped tile group. Jump onto the top right edge of the diamond, and jump over the rectangle shaped one-way trap. Then wall jump up to the door. It's only a little trickier than it sounds, and it's easier than trying to squeeze between the one-way rectangle trap and the jump pad by where you started.

The second way is to go up the wall on the left side. If you're good at wall jumping, this should be a piece of cake. Once you get up to the top, run over to the gap quickly so you don't get killed and fall onto the bounceblock. Then just run and fall to the exit.

The diagram goes like this. The red routes are to get to the switch, and the two blue routes are the two ways to get back.


Method 3 (NEHS)

This level is also a very difficult level, but with practice it can be beaten. This level introduces 2x2 one-way squares, which, if you land in them, will trap you. Dodgem! From the start, jump and wallclimb up, then walljump to the exit to avoid the gauss. Jump and walljump again to the top of the figure, then jump onto the bounceblock, minding the rocket. Jump to the ledge and flip the switch. Now, drop down through the squares, onto the left slope of the diamond, and flip the switch there. Jump to the unlocked room. Avoid the rocket, which probably followed you there, then activate the terminal. After that, jump and walljump into the golden area, and snatch the gold from the zap drone. Jump up onto the slope, and use the launchpad to get onto the bounceblock's side. Wallclimb, then leap away from the rocket. Drop down the right wall, then walljump and run to the exit.

Method 4

Walljump up on the right side. Dive left at the platform above the exit, and wait for the homing rocket to hit the wall. Then walljump up, being careful of the zap drones. When you reach the top, run as hard as you can to the edge. drop down in a controlled free fall, and just tap the terminal with your leg. Now, wallslide back up, until you reach the one way platform. Run through it. Now, it is simply a matter of dodging the rocket for a couple of seconds, running hard to the right (avoid the launchpads!), wallsliding up and finally running through the exit.

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