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Episode 11
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.2 and later
Fastest Time 157.700
Fastest Player EddyMataGallos
Demo 11-4/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

Superliminal is the name of levels which contain a letter related to Metanet Software, namely either the "M" or "N" logos (one for Metanet, the other specifically for this game). A total of 6 superliminals appear throughout the game. In this level, you can see that the pillars form the legs of a large M composed of white space.

The level lets you decide between a fast completion or a highscoring one. Since it is the last level of the episode, the easiest way is not go for the gold, but to just hit the launchpad, touch the terminal, and then fall down to the door as quickly as possible (the zap drones will not make contact).

Method 2 (Highscore)

For a relatively simple level, the 0th route on this map has had various nuanced alterations over the years with Seifer holding the 0th with 156.775 at least as far back as January 2006, with the "standard" launchpad method. One of the most famous runs of all time, although not a 0th, was made on this level, which won a Dronies award in the 2005 category of Highscore Run of the Year, where the late spect dodged a rocket that was right on his tail in a bizarre and amusing way. It can be seen in userlevels demo format here. Over time, some players utilized the curved tile in the bottom-right corner for a slightly quicker start with a difficult triple jump. Mr_Lim seized the 0th a couple of years later, using a reverse jump innovation added to the run. Then, several years later, raif created an MBD which added a wall-jump to make the 3x3 gold cache quicker to collect which EddyMataGallos used in his run to eclipse Mr_Lim and claim the 0th with a score of 157.700; which as of 18 November 2012, is the current 0th.

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