1211 (AKA trance) is an active mapmaker, DDA maker, and speedrunner and casual highscorer who often competes on NUMA maps. He is also a regular on IRC as trance. He joined 27 January 2007, and initially wasn't heavily involved with the community. After about a year of on and off of mapping, he vanished. A couple of years later, he returned for Halloween of 2010 and became a regular mapmaker. As of today, he has eight featured maps, one of which is a DDA.

As a DDA artist[]

1211 started out by making DDAs when he joined. His first was a low quality, launch-pad only DDA. It wasn't recieved too well, so he deleted it after a couple of days. He eventually got back to making two more later that year before leaving. After a few months of coming back, he started to make DDAs again. This time he started to look for inspiration from various DDA artists, like: Life247, Wizard2 and others. After a few decent DDAs, he submitted this DDA which was positively recieved by the communtiy. This DDA was his first CTR and was influenced by Wizard2's CTR submitted earlier that year. A month later, he submitted Opuscule and Duel. Both of them got over twenty rates and also recieved positively. The pinnacle of his works would be Fissure. This DDA got over 70 rates, and stayed at the top of the Hot Maps page for five days and was nominated for a Dronie. The DDA has two rockets which follow in front of and behind the ninja. It has been called jokingly by some as a PKRADDA (Prisoner Keep Rocket Alive Don't Do Anything). Another one of his best DDAs, as considered by trance is Crimson Path, which is a 3-way KRADDA with all of the paths being solid. This DDA was also featured by zoasBE about a month later. His most recent DDA would be Fluency, which is an NReality DDA that uses a Rocky Drone to propel the ninja. He continues to make DDAs and still draws influence from others.

As a highscorer[]

1211 started highscoring around the beginning of 2012. He mainly goes for top-20s rather than 0ths. One of his goals is to aquire 100 Metanet top-20s. He got his first top-20 on 23-2, due to golfkid telling him to start highscoring. As of 25 October 2012, he has 25 Metanet top-20s (ranked 50th), but no 0ths.

As a speedrunner[]

1211 started speedrunning in the middle of 2011. He started out on a few easy levels in the 120s column, but eventually branched out from NReality to the original Metanet levels. He aquired his first speedrun 0th on 23-1, and held 108-4 for only a few minutes after innovating the level. As of 25 October 2012, he holds 569 speedrun top-20s and continues to gain more.

External Links[]

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