123leonidas321 is an average mapper that goes by Leonidas on IRC and Leonidas on the Metanet Forums. Please note that he is now using a secondary account, RedSpartan.

N History[]

A long while ago, Leonidas downloaded N, when the game was relatively new. He played it for a while, then took a break for a few years. In 2011, he started playing it again, but failed to create a NUMA account until December 5, 2012.

He has beaten all levels except 88-4, which he could probably beat, but rarely plays the classic metanet levels anymore.

NUMA History[]

After publishing his first map, Leonidas became highly interested in the NUMA community, and what it had to offer. He continued publishing maps, steadily improving, until his 99th map. He then had to finish up his first mappack with zoasBE, Parkour and Puzzle Laboratories. Due to the effort that Leonidas and zoasBE had been putting into the mappack, the delay for his 100th map lasted for a couple months.


Although Leonidas is too new of a mapper to own a solid style, he still has developed some habits. When mapping, he is entertained greatly by one-way glitches, c-snapped gold, and Nan'd drones. Although a few races have been attempted he still sticks to action maps, and occasional puzzles (which usually don't work out).

Leonidas' tilesets aren't of the highest quality but he still spends good time on most of his maps. He gets inspired a lot from others works, and tries to clean up his aesthetics when they become too sloppy.


Leonidas has gotten to know a great amount of mappers, or just posters, in the N community. However, the friends he holds dearest were the ones he was first introduced to in the community, and proved to be helpful and entertaining companions, such as:

  • Mohit_Ghune
  • lfaber
  • Traveleravi
  • lsudny
  • meanapple
  • 29403
  • 1211
  • R3D_N1NJ4
  • zoasBE
  • StreetsAhead

and many others, like RandomDigits, maxson924, and EddyMataGallos