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Episode 18
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.2 and later
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Demo 18-2/Demo


Method 1 (Easy/All Gold)

Run right, and walljump up from the spot where the lowest thwump was, up past the first two mines to where the third thwump starts. This should be easy enough if you don't hug the wall when walljumping! Walljump over the next two mines, and then the next one, then the next two, then the last mine. You really need speed here. You will find yourself atop the column. Jump left over to all the gold, collect it, and come back. Jump over the rocket, then jump to the bounceblock on the right of the rocket turret. From there jump to collect the gold on the right. Get back to that bounceblock, and, dodging the rocket, make your way down carefully on each bounceblock. Collect the terminal and sprint to the exit.


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