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pitcher plant

pitcher plant

Episode 24
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.2 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

For the beginning, hold left, and you after hitting the launchpad and touching the wall, walljump which will let you enter the circle's entrance. There are various ways to do the middle section, and the following are different examples:

  • Jump to the top switch, landing on the bounce block to the low right of it. Jump over the rocket as it rushes towards you, then drop down to the slopes to the right of the very bottom flat launchpad, and hit it, going up through the two switches. If you are fast you won't have to worry about the rocket until you land; if possible walljump on the bounceblock and get on top of it, then jump to the right through the gap. The other way is to land on the bounceblock on the right, below you, then jump left using the walls and bounceblocks to get to the room on the right.
  • Drop down to the bottom and hit the bottom launchpad, collecting the two switches on the way up. Climb onto that bounceblock, and then jump up to the top switch (the nature of the blocks allow you to pretty easily dodge that rocket). Then, jump over to the right side and kill off the rocket.

As soon as you are in there, get rid of the rocket, and go down for the easy-to-access switch, and launch yourself back up for the terminal. Get back down to the circle's right entrance, jump across to the centre bounceblock directly across from the floor you are stood on, and as soon as you touch it jump off to the first room. Get rid of the rocket and go up for the gold. Carefully make your way back down to the exit.



Alternative graphical walkthroughs are shown below.