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death star


Episode 28
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.2 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

Walljump up the platforms with the gold to the top, dodging the guided zap drones.

There is a long shaft which is guarded by a single homing turret. To outrace the rocket, land on the slight slope right underneath the shaft, and then run into the shaft as quickly as possible. Alternatively, let the rocket see you while you are still at the left end, then drop down slightly to kill off the rocket, and then start running. This will give you a headstart.

At the very last possible moment while still on flat ground, jump, and you will hit the gold-filled ceiling. The first rocket fired at you will crash, and a second one fired will crash too, allowing you to simply drop through the turret. The easiest way to fall through the ending is to just fall down the right wall. All of the thwumps will part for you, so stop your fall right before the bounceblock, then just drop down to the exit.


Method 2 (Highscore)

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