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Episode 29
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.2 and later
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Demo 29-4/Demo


Method 1

From the start, run to the right! You got discovered by a laser, and you need to escape from him! Run up the slope and wallclimb up to the right. Jump up to the top of the right patrol tower, flip the switch, then leap over the chaingun drone, flip the switch, avoid the lasers, then land on the left and flip the switch. Jump and head to the right, hitting the terminal and landing on the bounceblock on the top right. Drop down to flip the right switch. Avoid the lasers, then head left, flip the left switch, then drop down, evading the lasers. Watch out for the chaingun fire, and flip the final switch. Drop down and duck the lasers, then evade the second chaingun. Drop down to the exit tunnel, and run to the exit! You have successfully completed one nightmare of an episode and the whole 20s column. Take a well-earned rest.


Method 2

The key to this level is not stopping without running directly into fire. Like before, head up the right space while ignoring the bounce blocks. Get up fast, as you need to hit the switch and jump just as the chaingun drone fires at you (before he turns downwards). As you hit the center top switch, hit hard right and drop onto the bounceblock just left of center. Hop for the exit switch and land on the bounceblock on the far right while catching another door switch. Stay on the block until it's at the bottom of it's swing and snap off to the left. Land on the block just above and to the right of the solid spot and jump to grab the bottom switch (do NOT hit the bounce pad) and duck under the solid spot as the chaingun drone fires at you. Go back up the right and jump to the top of the left column, then drop in and catch the last switch on the way down. Your landing is important, so try to be moving to the left and hit the slanted ledge. As fast as you can (all four drones are probably aiming at you now) get into the exit. You will miss some of the gold in the very center, but it's a good method if you get the moves down, and the gold isn't vitally important as this is the last level in the entire column.