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Episode 30
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 30-4/Demo


Method 1 (NEHS)

This is a good ending level for Episode 30. From your start, run to the slope, but don't jump. Let yourself tip over and slide down the slope. Jump from the slope and activate the switch. Get the gold at the first "jag", then repeat for the two next switches. Drop down to the next level, then jump to the next slope. Slide down, then jump to flip the fourth switch. Jump up near the next jag and activate the terminal. Jump and slide to activate the next switch. Jump over the mine to activate it. For the final switch, slide, then just before you hit the mine, jump to the right and up. That shall safely activate it. Wallslide down to the unlocked level. Leap over the mines, then leap again, then launch yourself into the final level. Avoid the three zap drones, then make it to the exit.


Congratulations, you've beaten Episode 30, therefore unlocking Episode 31!

Method 2 (Highscore)

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