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Episode 32
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time 121.350
Fastest Player Wolfos
Demo 32-2/Demo


Method 1 (Speed)[]

Go up the right wall and jump up to the highest level, jump off each platform going left and hit all the switches, then drop down between the last platform and the one next to it. Repeat in a zig-zag motion going down and once all switches have been hit (including the exit switch) jump up the left column and to the exit.

Method 2 (NEHS)[]

As for the level itself, there are a massive FOURTEEN switches to flip open. I had to resort to double rings to designate the switches. Walljump up the right wall to the first level of switches, with five switches. Be on the lookout for the four guided zap drones that are patrolling the level. Jump from platform to platform flipping the five switches. Once you're on the left, jump out to the left wall and walljump to the second level. Jump from platform to platform, activating the terminal and flipping the four switches. Jump and walljump on the right wall to the third level of switches, jumping from platform to platform to flip the switches. Now it is clear why you started on the right wall. You can simply jump and wallslide down the left wall, and run into the complex in the left wall. Try to avoid letting a guided zap drone in here, you don't want to have to race it to the exit. Jump up to the exit.