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Episode 32
Creator Metanet Software
N version N 1.3 and later
Fastest Time 136.250
Fastest Player blobglob
Demo 32-3/Demo


Method 1 (Speed)

You can't really call this a speed map, as it takes a while to complete; just work your way around the maze as quickly as possible, while luring the zap drones into confined areas. When you get to the second mine in the corner, jump off the wall to your left, and land between the mines; jump off the wall in front of you and go right, towards the door switch, and then go left to the exit switch. Work your way around and go down to the two exit switches; the drone will join you, but it will go left and follow the upper wall around, giving you a chance to escape. Hit the switch in the hole first, so you can jump off the right wall above the mine, to the switch to your left. Go around and up, jumping over the drone, which will about-turn and follow you if you go for the gold, and keep following you, so move quickly. Avoid the last drone, dodge the mines, and head to the exit.


Method 2 (NEHS)

There is plenty of gold in this level, but it comes late in the level. It is your enemy if you wasted too much time in UPC and Mimetic. From your start, head down the passage and flip your first switch. Evade the first guided zap drone in the maze, then head to the second switch. Watch out for the mine near the ceiling. Flip the switch, then head down the corridor and jump over the corner mine, walljumping into the gold-filled passageway. Get the gold, being mined-ful of the floor mines, then get up onto the top of the maze, activating the terminal. Head to the third switch, being careful of the second guided zap drone. Flip the switch, then head down the right mine-filled passage, then drop into the corridor with the third guided zap drone. Flip the two switches, then get out. On your way to the sixth, get the gold near the ceiling pillars, it's 12 seconds in each stash. Flip the sixth and seventh switches, then head up and flip the final switch. Head down the mine passages toward the exit, being careful of the two final guided zap drones. Get to the unlocked exit room and exit the level.

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