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Episode 33
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

Jump to the left platform, picking up the gold. If you want more gold, jump to the area patrolled by the gauss turret; otherwise, drop down to the leftmost chamber on the bottom with the floorguard. Walljump to the switch and back, and continue this for all of the chambers, one by one to the right. Jump up on the right side (or if the chaingun drone is on the right side, take momentary shelter, and then move), and get to the top platform. Collect the gold there, then jump over. Reach the bounceblock as the chaingun starts to fire, and quickly leap to the exit.


Method 2 (NEHS)

This level can be frustrating if you aren't careful. There's some unnecessary gold, but it can be easily snatched. From the start, jump up to the right wall and walljump, which will get you to the gold. Get it, then jump over the hill, snatch the gold, run down, snatch that gold, then as you drop down, you will avoid the chaingun drone's fire. Drop down to the right side of the column, then walljump to the terminal and back to the wall. Don't touch the ground, the floorguard will kill you in an instant. Use the same technique for the second switch on the other side. Get to the left of the figure to the left of the second switch, then repeat for the third switch. For the fourth switch, land and let the floorguard come over, then jump over it, and hit the switch. Evade it as you come back. Walljump and run across the platform, then drop down and flip the final switch. If you want, you can get the gauss' gold, but it's unnecessary. Jump and walljump to the golden platform near the exit tunnel, then climb up to the tunnel, and run to the exit before the chaingun fills you with lead.


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