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Episode 37
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 37-3/Demo

37-3 (Cubish) is one of the most difficult and frustrating levels near the beginning of the game. This will definitely keep inexperienced players on it for a while. The level is made up of four rooms, consisting of thwumps, mines, zap drones, and a gauss turret.


Method 1

Wait for the thwump to get right up to you, then jump on top of it. Walk along with it to the end of the corridor. Drop down and jump from side to side, collecting each switch. Then go down to the passage, into the 3rd room. Go along the bottom collecting those 2 switches, then walljump up to get the top one. Make sure that the coast is clear and no drones are about to enter the top passage, then run along to collect the terminal. Collect the switch where you come out, and drop down to the last one. Get back around into the middle room. Being extremely careful for any drones, jump up to the higher switch, then drop down to the low one, and sprint to the exit. Note that you do not need the switch on the bottom-right corner due to a glitch.


Method 2 (cautious)

After hitting the four outside switches, stay on the bottom left ledge (where the gauss turret cannot see you). While the guided zap drones go through the tunnel and outside (they follow the wall), leap above them from the ledge to the bottom right ledge. The drone will notice you (you lured it) and go upwards. Repeat with the other drone. Then, enter the tunnel, triggering the trap to lock them outside. This makes the inside considerably easier to complete. Follow the guide above.