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Episode 39
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 39-0/Demo


Method 1 (NEHS)

From the start, you can go left or right. I personally go right, though you may sometimes go left. In any case, head to the appropriate switch, watching out for the zap drone on your side, drop down the far side, jump over the floorguard and hit the switch, and get out. Flip the other switch, avoiding the guided zap drone, and go to the middle. Wallslide down, and land on one of the platforms.

Again, go either right or left, head down, jump over the floorguard and hit the switch, get the gold if you want, then head to the other side and repeat. Get back up to the middle, and drop down into the terminal room. Go to the right, activate the terminal, and avoid the rocket! Jump over the new one fired, and run straight into the exit niche, beating the level.


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