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orbital station


Episode 40
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 40-1/Demo


Method 1: All gold

To start, go under the round platform you're standing on and collect the gold. Get out of that area and go into the lower-right corner of the level, getting the gold, and watching out for the zap drone as well. Jump out of there and flip the locked door switch to the right, and move towards the middle. Walljump up the large slab of tile in the middle and go to the right. Run under a round platform to grab the gold, and watch for the zap drone in the process. Get into the upper-right corner and grab another switch. When you're getting out, be sure to grab the gold that's above you. Go towards the middle and jump up to the exit switch, and fall back down and head to your left. Grab the gold against the wall and head up towards the switch in the upper-left corner. Flip it, and go get the other gold nearby. Go back to the middle, and grab another switch . Fall all the way down to the bottom on the curve and get the gold next to you. Head towards the lower-left corner and grab the gold against the wall, watching out for the zap drone. Fall into where the final switch lies, flip it, and head a few jumps into the exit.

Method 2: Speed

To start, head to your left towards the locked door switch and flip it, keeping an eye on the zap drone. Go towards the middle and jump up the huge slab of tile and head to your right. Jump into the upper-right corner, watching out for a zap drone or two, and flip the switch. Go back down towards the middle and jump up towards the exit switch. Grab it, and fall into the upper-left area of the level. Go up to the switch in the upper-left corner, being careful of a zap drone or two. Flip the switch, and head back towards the middle again, grabbing the switch right in the middle. Then fall down a little ways and jump towards where the final switch lies. Avoid a possible zap drone, and go down into the lower-left corner and flip it. You should now be able to make it to the exit without a problem.

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