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Episode 40
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1

Level Grinder Method

I and a co-worker on our lunch have been grinding through all the levels. This is not intended to get you amazing high scores, fast times, or perfect runs. Its just trying to survive the level.

The level start out with really the trickiest portion of the level as you need to carefully aim to the wider gaps in the mines. Getting the angles right will take some time. Once down on the lower right gap you can safely drop to the floor.

QUICKLY move out and jump onto the wall then to the top to avoid the floorchaser. Now wall jump up and jump out to the bounce block with the 9 gold. Watch your angle here as you can easily catch a mine while trying to jump up. Aim instead for the side of the bounce block then bounce up and collect the gold. Jump over to the next bounce block and ready to move quick.

Jump towards the thwump but hang up near where the purple dot its. The thwump should give chase but miss allowing you to stage off the solid block. Jump onto the side of the bounceblock and wait for the horizontal thwump to move by. Now jump on top and long jump for the console switch.

Once the console is activated return to the solid block near the horicontal thwump. Where the green dot is just fall forward and you should pull that thwump allowing you to fall onto the bounceblock below. Jumping here may put you past the "fall to death" threshold and your legs will snap on the bounceblock. Fall down to the floor using the next bounce block as an intermediary and then sprint to the exit.

Areas in red indicate time sensitive areas. Move QUICKLY. 40-3w

Method 2 (Skips thwumps)

Jump down from large gap to large gap in the mines, wallhanging for a short time at each one to get your speed down. Walljump your way to the bounceblock with 9 pieces of gold, using it to jump between the mines above it and going right to the exit switch. Just make sure you move around on the bounceblock a bit so it goes down. Go back through the mines and run across the floor to finish the level. 40-3-path

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