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Episode 41
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 41-0/Demo


Method 1

Okay, this level is hard if you think that you're supposed to get through the thwumps by a single jump. I've tried numerous times and have failed to do so, so if anyone finds out how please explain. Im not very good at this game since Ive only beaten the 1st three columns and a few other random levels and user levels but this is the way I did it. If you want the gold then first start off the by jumping up and left between the first and second mine on the left wall. Then wall jump to the right but not onto the platform, instead keep wall jumping off the little wall-ish space under, then jump up into the space between the 2nd and 3rd mine. Don't stop there, just keep jumping up then onto the top of the platform to collect your gold while avoiding the drones. Now the tricky part is getting past the thwumps. *Note* You have to be fast. OKay so you lure the first thwump down and as it goes up get underneath it. As its going up jump towards the second thwump and let that one fly up, leaving the space underneath it empty. At this time jump high and slightly to the right, hovering above the mine. This should lure the third thwump down. As soon as the third thwump passes you while going down, just move more right and land on it. Before it goes all the way up and crushes you on it, jump fast towards the right; have no reguard for the other two thwumps. Make sure you hold right and jump high. You should be able to get past both thwumps and land on the right wall. From then on just slowly jump towards the left to grab the level key. Using the little outcropping pieces of the floor is helpful to stop the gauss turret, but for the you have to stay right next to them & on the left side of them. Just grab the key and make your way to the door. Congratz, you just beat 41-0. *another Note* make sure to get the key fast because the two out-croppy-pointy-floor-things closest to the key don't protect you from the gauss.


Method 2


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