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Episode 42
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1

Level Grinder Method

I and a co-worker on our lunch have been grinding through all the levels. This is not intended to get you amazing high scores, fast times, or perfect runs. Its just trying to survive the level.

This level will require timing and some quick movements near the gauss turret. Start on the blue path and come down to the little cutout. Wait until the shown positions of the zaps as this will give you the window of opportunity to slip though un-harassed. This should develop quickly at the start. Now move quickly by catching the nook, walljumping the angled portion and jumping the flat area over to the console. The turret cant see you if you stand just to the left of the console on the flat portion (where the colors change).

This next portion is similar but different from the start. We will follow a similar path back but if you stand in the nook the gauss turret will take you out. You can wait at the next flat down but I like to "scrub" on the wall. Simply begin a wall slide then jump (still holding left into the wall). You will repeatedly slide the same section which will keep you ready to walljump right. You can maintain the area I have indicated which will allow you to move quickly once the zaps are in position. Loosely follow blue line back and jump over to the Exit.


Method 2


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