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phospholipid bilayer

phospholipid bilayer

Episode 44
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 44-0/Demo


Method 1


1. Start off by running to the left and performing a triple jump against the left wall. Jump twice on it, and jump over to the top ;eft corner of the bounceblock "bilayer." (If you do not perform a triple jump, you will ascend the wall too slowly and the gauss will shoot you.) Jump off the side of the bounceblock and up to the top left platform. Get the gold, and jump straight up to distract the gauss on the other side. DO NOT jump off the wall. You will get shot. Run right and jump at the last possible second to get the exit switch. Continue onward (try to minimize the amount of time you spend running or jumping on the unstable bounceblock layer) and get the gold on the right side. Jump straight up again and this time fall straight down onto the layer. Right after you hit the top bounceblock, hold left. You should puncture the layer and land inside. Be mindful of the unguided zap drones and make your way to the exit, getting the gold if you so wish.

Method 2


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