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45-1 level

Episode 45
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 45-1/Demo


Method 1

This level can be difficult or hard depending on whether you are going for a highscore. This method illustrates the idiot-proof completion route. Observe the following diagram.


45-1 walkthrough aid (idiot-proof)

Basically, follow where the diagram tells you to, bounce around on launchpads, get the doorswitch, and finish the level whatever the hell way you choose. You really really won't die following this diagram. Unless you miss the launchpads on the way down.

Random fact: This is the only level in N v1.4 which is known to have syncing issues with NReality. Watch danield9tqh's highscore (124.425) - he dies on v1.4. Unreality has no idea how that happened.

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