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Episode 46
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 46-0/Demo


Method 1 (easy)

As you start this level, let yourself drop a little, into the room under you. Take the gold, and drop into the next room, avoiding the mines. You may choose to get the gold if you wish. Next comes a little mine jumping. You must jump through the mines, also avoiding the gauss at the top. Of course, you may chose to go through the bottom, avoiding the floor guard. Next, you toggle the exit switch and sprint to the exit. 46-0easy As can be viewed by this picture, this level is neither challenging nor is it easy. The red line symbolizes the first route, while the blue symbolizes the sprint to the exit.

Method 2 (hard)

The high scoring method. This is an all-gold run. You drop down the same way as the normal run, but instead of going down 2 levels, you go down one level. then, you dodge the gauss turret and the mines, landing on one of the flat surfaces of the 2 triangles. Next, you must jump from the last triangle to the last plane and do a reverse jump up into the air, launching you close enough to jump on the ledge and grab gold. You then come back to the gauss turret's level, and get all of the gold there. Next, you travel down one level and grab the gold there. next, you should fool the floor guard to go to the other side of the level so you can safely get the gold at the other side. You then avoid crashing into the floor guard and you go and get the remaining gold and go after the exit. 46-0AGD This is the all gold run. This is a tricky run that requires precision jumps. The colours are in order

Method 3 (medium)

This is an easier method to high score. Travel to the triangles and jump on each of them, then take all of the gold by sweeping from left to right using the methods in the previous walkthroughs. 46-0agdeasy This is the easier all gold route. Take this if you feel walkthroughs 1 or 2 were too challenging.

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