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said skills

[[Image:{{{image}}}|270px|said skills]]

Episode 47
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 47-2/Demo


Method 1 Edit

Let's go down the second one from the left. Run to your left, but slow down so that you wallhug the left wall of the 2nd chamber. Now, walljump to the right, collecting the coins and grabbing the wall beneath the first block with bricks surrounding it. Repeatedly go back and forth, walljumping and collecting the coins, until there are three sets of coins left, at which point you can safely fall to the bottom. Jump over the floorguard, run and hit the terminal, and when the floorguard comes for you, jumpover it while standing under the bounce block so that you don't get thwumped. Run the the finish.

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