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Episode 50
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 50-1/Demo


Method 1 NEHS

This level can be a little tricky, but it's very easy to beat. From the start, jump into the room with the thwump and move over it, then jump over the launchpad and jump into the room with the zap drone, and move into the room with the switch, and flip it. Get back into the thwump room, and launch yourself up to the door. Let yourself hit the ceiling, then move into the doorway, otherwise you'll be blown into oblivion by the mines. Get the gigantic gold stash on the left. This will make the rest of the levels real easy, since you can concentrate more on beating the level and less on your lifespan. Jump into the room with the bounce block, then jump and run past the thwumps. Jump just before you drop, or else you'll drop into the room with the mines, and blow up. Flip the switch, then drop into the other switch room, and flip the switch and get the gold. Launch back up to the thwumps, then run across and land on the bounce block. Jump into the room above you, then drop into the unlocked terminal room. Activate the terminal, then get back out and drop past the mines, then drop out of the corporate center. Avert the laser drone, if you encounter it, then jump into the exit.

Method 2 (All gold)

Jump out and over the thwump, make your way past the zap drone and hit the switch. Move back out, and drop down onto the launch pad, move left when you hit the roof to avoid the mines. You should be able to collect all the gold in the huge cache in about 4 jumps. Go right making your way under the thwumps into the top switch room. When you go out, fall close to the wall and walljump away when you're across from the room with three gold in it. Get yourself out again and collect the bottom gold and switch. Launchpad back out and run back under the thwumps, landing on the handy bounce block. Hit the exit switch and make your way back to the bottom past the mines, exiting via the opening next to the exit. Hopefully you're fast enough not to have the laser drone seeking you, so go left, and walljump up to get the row of gold. Avoid the laser drone until you can jump into the exit.

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