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it's a trap
DNAw yeah!

DNAw yeah!

Episode 51
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 51-1/Demo


Method 1

Start by going down the helix, and get to the bottom. Slide down through the broken rung, and get the giant stash on the left. Get up into the main part of the level, avoiding the laser drone's laser shouldn't be too hard. Jump up onto the rung above the broken rung, and leap into the awning. Get the gold on the left, then jump up and flip the switch. Get to the terminal and activate it. Drop down to the main part of the level, and avoid the laser drone as you make your way to the next switch. Flip it, then drop down and get back through the broken rung again. Flip the switch in the lower right. Now here's the tricky part. Get near the intersection of the broken rung and the next rung, and leap onto the wall. This is hard because if you don't get it just right, you don't grip the wall, and you have to try again. I guarantee you won't get it the first time. Once you're successful, wallclimb up to the third rung, and jump off the helix and wallslide down to the exit.