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Episode 52
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 52-0/Demo

This level is a tribute to one of Mare's old games, CityDefender.


Method 1 (Speed)

Jump upwards from the start and land on the vertical launchpad, land on the third bounceblock up, jump off this and walljump off the one above you. Land on this one and jump upwards to hit the exit switch. Fall downwards towards the launchpad, land on the platfrom to your left and run to the exit.

Method 2 (Gold)

There is no detailed route through this level for a highscore run, but a tip is to just use as few launchpads as possible. See johnny_faneca's run for a detailed route.

Method 3 (NEHS)

From your start, jump onto the launchpad, and launch yourself into the bounceblock complex, and work your way to the top block. Leap to the launchpad at the left, then keep the right arrow key pressed down as you move to the right and activate the terminal. Wallslide on the wall, then drop down onto the left-and-up facing launchpad, and launch yourself to the left building. Run to the exit, and beat the level.

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