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shark's in the water.. our shark.


Episode 52
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 52-1/Demo


Method 1 NEHS

Start by jumping over to the first "wave", then jump to the next wave. The best way to jump from wave to wave is to get to the very top of the wave and jump from there, the flattest part. Don't fall into the bottom of the level, the "water", as there is no way out, and the "shark" zap drones and floorchasers will kill you. Once you get to the last wave in the row, leap to the slope in the wall, then jump to the second row of waves. These are spaced slightly further apart. Jump to the slope, then jump into the third row. Leap to the second wave, then jump up to the wall, and walljump onto the final row. Jump wave-to-wave to the terminal, get the gold stash if you wish, then get all the way back to the exit.


  • The name of the level is a quote from the movie Jaws.
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