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Episode 52
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 52-4/Demo


Method 1 NEHS

From the start, there are two ways to flip the switches on the outside: go counter-clockwise, activating the terminal and flipping the switches, or go clockwise, walljump between the mines, flip the switches, and activate the terminal. I've actually found walljumping and going clockwise is easier. Fall down, then move left and jump up, then walljump to the bump on the right with the first switch. This tends to be a hard jump, but you'll get it. Flip the switch, then jump to the second switch and flip it, then jump to the right and flip the third switch. Jump to the left and then to the right to flip the fourth switch, then jump to the left and avoid the zap drone, which has probably reached you by now. Jump up to the upper part, then move through the curves to the narrow passage. Slide down the other side, then jump over the mine and slide down to the terminal area. Jump to the terminal and activate it, then jump of that ledge and fall on the curve at the bottom to survive. Get the gold in the alcove, and avoid any other zap drones you encounter as you get to the opening into the center. Jump up onto the wall, and wallclimb into the little niche in the wall, and jump onto the bounceblock. If you want, you can get the gold on the right, but I prefer to simply beat the level, and not risk landing on a mine and undoing all my hard work. Jump into the exit alcove, and move to the exit and beat this episode.

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