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Episode 54
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1 (Very easy)

Simply go right, collect the two gold below you, drop off the ledge sloping on your left, through the terminal, and hit the exit before splatting into the ground.

Method 2(Good amount of gold)

This method is a very vague idea which you should mould around your own preferences, and how much gold you desire. Go right to get the two gold and land on the structure below. Jump to the nest two gold and walljump off that bounce block on your right back to where you started, avoiding the enemies. Jump to the 2nd bounceblock on your right and get the third two gold, falling to the bounce block below you, avoiding the laser by jumping quickly off to the right wall. Walljump up to the 3 gold in the top right, avoiding the zap drone, then drop down right to the bottom. Get that gold, then run along the bottom row getting as much gold as you wish, avoiding the laser. By this time, the zap drones may have accumulated along the left side, so hide around the structure in the bottom left until they disperse. Then walljump up the left wall, and get the gold in the top left. Jump over the structure and obtain your last gold, and to finish the level slide off into the middle, through the terminal, and hit the exit before splatting into the ground, exactly as in the easy method!

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