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Episode 54
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 54-1/Demo


Method 1 (Completion)


Jump across the circly structures over to the far right switch, activate it, and return. This part is easy, especially if you land each jump in the section of each structure that curves inwards. Drop down the far left wall, and jump across to the terminal, avoiding the glare of the gauss turret. It's quite hard not to get a good amount of gold here. Go back and walljump back up the far left wall. The only thing that stands between you and victory is that tunnel full of drones: there's only one thing for it! Jump in. Wait for an opportune moment and drop into the pit to your left. No drones will ever get into it. Then comes the tricky part. When the chute to the top right of you is clear, quickly walljump from your left up to the ceiling, if you time it right over an approaching drone, and into the next safe pit. It takes some skill and luck to pull it off. The bad news is that a very similar move is required one final time, but after that you are almost free to reach the exit. Beware of the drones that can enter this pit, but with enough caution you should be able to get there.

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