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iron clad _what_ of steel?!


Episode 54
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1 (Easy)

Hit the two switches and exit the door. Ignore the two switches by the exit and go left into the chamber below your starting point. Get the far gold on the left. Drop down into the next room, avoiding the gauss, and go into the room below you, with a drone and two switches. Hit the switches and use the launch pad to get out. Swiftly move into the room with the mines, quickly dropping down to avoid the gauss. You must move quickly through this room (jumping over all the mines on the bottom) to the next two switches. Go further right and collect the six gold. Drop down and head left. Stop just short of the thwump room, and let the first thwump slam down. Run underneath it, and stop when you are in the safe spot past those first 2 thwumps - ie, just right of the middle thwump. This is the tricky part. Wait for the thwump on your right to hit the top, then jump over it and into the niche with the terminal. The thwump next to you will be slamming back and forth. Walk on top of it, wait for the other one to get out of the way, and jump over it back to your safe spot. Walk your way out of the room to the left, and get the gold on the far side of the corridor. Head up past the gauss, and run right to the finish.

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