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Episode 58
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
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Demo 58-2/Demo


Method 1

From where you begin, jump to the right and land on the ground next to the leftmost bottom thwump. Run to the right until you get to the third thwump from the left, then jump and allow the floorguard to pass. Keep running past the last two thwumps, and jump up to the lowest oneway platform on the right. Jump right, then back left to get to the second oneway on the right, and jump to the middle platform in the second row. Jump to get the doorswitch, then jump to the second oneway platform on the left. Quickly, jump left, then right to get to the third oneway platform on the left, then jump up to the thwump coming down and walljump off of it to get to the fourth oneway platform on the left. From there, jump and run into the door.

Method 2

You start on a one-way platform, with more one-ways all around you, and floor sweepers below you. Let's not disturb them, eh?

Jump to the first one near the thwumps. For the rest of this level, you must be accurate. And fast.

Jump to the middle one, then the end one. Jump to the next level, then jump to the next highest one. Now, once the middle thwump has gone up JUST high enough, jump to the middle platform, get the panel, then jump to the end and the wall. Jump across to the right, then get to the final level. This bit's tricky.

While the thwumps are still returning from your last run, jump to the middle, then jump to the last thwump. Wall jump over it onto the last platform, then on to the door.

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