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Episode 58
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 58-3/Demo


Method 1

This must be done carefully. There are two gauss turrets here, which will be more than happy to pulverise you.

Run to the second platform, and jump onto it. Jump to the right and onto the next platform up. Repeat, grabbing the side of the next platform. Next, leap to the wall on the left to get the exit switch. Climb onto the block, then quickly jump to the next block up on the left. Climb onto it, then jump up and to the right onto the much higher block. Get to the very highest point, then jump up and to the right to get the first switch. Jump over to the left block to get the next, then slide down, landing on the block with three gold on it. Drop down to the left until you get to ground level, then repeat what you've just done on the other side of the map, replacing right with left, and vice versa, and obviously disregarding the already accessed door switch.

Once you've got the remaining two switches and dropped to the ground, go into the tunnel on the right. Once the first zap drone turns, jump up, and run to the side of the next cave. jump to get the gold, then jump to the next area when the next zap drone's gone past. Repeat till you get past the zap drones, then take a leisurely run to the door.

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