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59-0 level

Episode 59
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 59-0/Demo


Method 1

This is a ridiculously easy start to a considerably more difficult episode. Apparently, some people find this very hard, but it really is a piece of cake once you know what to do. The level name describes what people generally feel upon seeing the level for the first time, of course.

Anyway, the issue here is that the door-switch is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and if you jumped high enough to grab it, you'll die when you land. Well, see that random tile that's also in the middle of nowhere? That's your solution. There happens to be mines, but they don't bother you.

Now, as you start, run left. Wall-Jump against the wall twice, and wall-jump off the wall towards the door-switch (exact jump-directions: hold left until you are running against the wall. Press jump twice very quickly, holding down the second jump press. When you touch the wall again, press jump while holding down both the RIGHT button and the JUMP button). If done correctly, you'll grab the door-switch, and fall towards the side of the random tile. Jump off it to reduce falling speed, or hang on it to reduce falling speed, whatever, get to the floor safely, and run to the exit.


59-0 walkthrough aid.

Method 2

If you had trouble with the above method, as I did, try running towards the far right wall and do a couple wall-jumps and land on the top right corner of the tile. Then, just jump over to get the doorswitch, and run to the exit.


59-0 method 2 walkthrough aid.

Method 3

Of course, if both methods 1 and 2 are ineffective, you can always do what the highscorers do and wall-jump twice up the left wall and time your second jump so that you clip the exit switch but don't fall to your death. This is probably the most difficult option, but it is also the quickest.

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