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59-1 level

Episode 59
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1 (NEHS)

This is a level that truly tests your skill. Seriously, it probably isn't possible to actually write a walkthrough that everyone can follow for this. scrum-trule-scent is almost impossible. (But not as hard as 88-4 99-0 and 99-4 ugh) scrumtrulescent involves an extremely tight space, populated by an unfeasible amount of zap drones, seeker drones, mines, and floorguards. Even if I could include a route for you, one tiny false step would probably trigger something you weren't supposed to trigger and mess up the route. All I can say here, is to constantly watch the area, react quickly and spot ways out, and keep moving! Good luck completing this one.

For sake of completion and perhaps additional help, I've included Maniac's guide from the NEHS. Enjoy.

59-1 nehs

59-1 walkthrough aid, courtesy of the NEHS

This is another very difficult level, but for a slightly different reason. Again, you and the exit, but this time there's a real load of drones and mines, and in a very cramped space too. Start by landing on the slope and jumping off of it, over the bounceblock. Head left, and jump right after the second bounceblock, over the mine, and onto the third bounceblock. Jump again, down onto the level, and dodge a seeker drone if it saw you. Weave into the left end, and activate the terminal.

Now for the return trip. Jump off the slope again, over the bounceblock, and watch out for drones. Jump onto a bounceblock, then jump across. When the dual drones come across, jump over them. Watch out for the seekers! Jump over the final bounceblock, and land in the exit.

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