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Episode 60
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 60-1/Demo


Method 1

60-1 Walkthrough with Method 1

60-1 Walkthrough with Method 1

Run up the right wall, and jump to the left wall such that you can jump over the regular zap drone that was coming down at you at the start of the level (zap drone path signified with a red arrow). Keep walljumping, all the while collecting some gold, until the zap drone with the antenna detects you and moves towards you fast (zap drone path signified with the other 2 red arrows). At some point around the red star, jump away from the wall on to the bounceblock and from jump there to the exit terminal, which should have no enemies surrounding it because of your maneuvers. Then, jump down to the open door (orange line) over the zap drones that are moving along the slope. (Keep in mind that you can fall to your death at the door and still complete the level.)

Method 2

Jump up the right wall, and when the zap drone is near you do a perpendicular jump over it, allowing you to hit the terminal. Jump onto the bounceblock as the seeker drone will most likely have spotted you, and collect the gold on the left if you wish and land on the exit.

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