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graduated kill-inder
conniption fit

conniption fit

Episode 66
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 66-4/Demo


Method 1

Most of the level is pretty straight forward. At the beginning, walljump off the thwump to the sharp protrusions, getting the gold if you wish and jumping from one to the next quickly. The next two levels are just more jumping. Just remember that to get through to the last of the mid-level plataforms you need to slide down on the side of the penultimate one and jump to the wall in front.

Once you're through to the door switch, you can just drop through the mines to the first mid-level platform, from which you can collect a bit more gold and traverse a route you had already done before. You can just fall down to the bottom area and make your way back, or you can go back to the second to last platform on the middle level (the rightmost platform with the _/- formation), then wallslide down the slide, and hold right as you're falling. You'll drop through the mines to the bottom.

At the end, jump off the slope to the right of the mines but to the left of the thwump. It’s a tight squeeze but not a difficult jump to make.

Method 2