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Episode 67
Creator Metanet Software
N version All
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Demo 67-0/Demo


Method 1 (Speed)

This is a very simple level to complete if you are going for speed and is similar to Lax A (64-0)., you just have to run off the edge of the cliff, then try to land on the corner tile in the bottom left corner. Then you can hop up the centre of the column off each semi-circle tile to the top, if you really want to go fast though, start on the right semi-circle. After reaching the top you just jump onto the top right semi-circle and jump over to the finish.

Method 2 (Gold)

As with Method 1, run off the cliff and land in the bottom left corner, then jump over the floorguard and hit the switch, land and jump up and grab 3 pieces of gold, then move to the right, jump off the wall and up the semi-circles. When you get near the top though, you will find a zap drone coming towards you, jump to the right, in-between the mines and off the wall back onto the semi-circle you were on, by the time you have done that, the drone will have passed, letting you jump up, off the top semi-circle and to the exit.

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