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Episode 69
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
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Demo 69-3/Demo


Method 1

Drop down and to the right. Get the first two thwumps to come down, and then wait a second. Drop down to the bottom right corner of this room. Make sure you go between the thwumps and the wall. Use the round corner to aid your jump. Jump over the lowest thwump and to the bottom left corner of the room. Jump back across. Collide with the middle thwump, and it will stop you cold, hopefully dropping you onto a one-way platform. Jump to the one-way on the right, and wall jump out of that bototm area.

When you return to the starting point, wall jump off the right wall to the bottom right little round thing with the drones circling them. Wall jump up to the one right above it. When you get here, jump to the top center one, and then to the ledge to the left.

When you get in this shaft, just be careful. Jump first, and then steer while in the air. Don't try to steer the initial jump. Take your time. You can take a long time here, as there is plenty of gold to compensate. Once you reach the bottom, go all the way left. When you reach the wall, perform a triple jump using the round corner. Get a strong inital jump, then jump to the 2nd platform from the ground, then back to the wall, then to the 4th platform from the ground, back to the wall again, and finally to the exit.

Frisk Help

Follow the red path first, and then the blue one. The blue circle indicates where you should collide with the thwump.

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